Optical Illusion Art

What is it?

A stereogram is a double dimensional view which hides a three dimensional object which can be spotted when looking to the distance. Looking at the stereograms makes a feeling like of a mystic space and that is why it arises a strong joy to many people.

Looking at the stereogram also often helps to relax tired eyes and strengthens muscles of the eye as well. It also serves as a perfect way to reduce eye strain and fatigue experienced after working on the computer.

What is it?

How to View Stereogram?


Bring the picture to the tip of your nose. Look through the stereogram without winking or turning your eyes away as if looking through the window. The picture should always be held horizontally. Do not bend it.

Wait till the picture turns blurry before your eyes and then move the stereogram away from you very slowly.

Some parts of the stereogram will start getting closer quite soon while others may seem to move further away from your gaze. Finally, a concrete three – dimensional object will emerge from the depths of the picture. You can check the image on the other side of the same picture.
Kaip pamatyti?

About Us

“Vėjo Rožė” is the creational activity of the 3D stereogram greeting cards and pictures.

I am Loreta Roževičiūtė – Elksnė. I am a graphic designer. My hobby was to create 3D stereograms for many years. When unexpectedly my grandmother cured her eyes looking at the stereograms which I have given her, I realized that the creation of the stereograms can provide not only strong emotional joy for people but it also can strengthen their eyes as it is used in the medical practice for many years. After that it became my main activity which I called “Vėjo Rožė”. It means “Wind Rose” in English.

Today my creational activity consists of professionals who are implementing my ideas.